Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BIG LIST: 101 [things] in 1001 [days]

This is my LIST. . . and it took me, not even gonna lie, FOREVER to write it. Day Zero came up with the concept.

My 101 Things in 1001 Days!
Starting Date: Saturday, June 20, 2009
Ending Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012


001. Start a 401K / IRA and deposit a total of $1000 (0/1000).

002. Pay off my insulin pump.

003. Save $2000 (0/2000).

004. Pick out and buy a house with Shocker.

005. Create a will, medical power of attorney, etc.

006. Go for one month without buying anything new (other than prewritten food items at a grocery store).


007. Re-enroll in a bachelor’s degree program.

008. Learn CPR.

009. Take a course (online?) in Photoshop.

010. Take a course in HTML formatting.

011. Attend a city council meeting.

012. Get a First Aid Certificate.

013. Get a promotion / raise (0/2).


014. Eat Vegetarian for a month.

015. Have an A1C of 7 or below.

016. Be able to run / jog 5 miles, three times per week.

017. Cook 5 ethnic dishes (0/5).

018. Try Ethiopian food.

019. Ride my bike “across [the distance of] the state of Kansas (0/roughly 400 miles).

020. Take an aerobic dance / kick boxing / UFC / active movement class.

021. Go a week without soda.

022. Try a new recipe twice a month (0/66).

023. Bake Aunt Robin’s peach cobbler.

024. Do pushups, sit-ups 3 times per week (0/429).

025. Install a pole and exercise to a pole dancing workout video regularly for a month.

026. Take a multivitamin every day for at least three months (0/90).

027. Stretch every day (0/1001).

028. Go to a wine tasting.

029. Eat caviar.


030. Go topless on a topless beach.

031. Get another tattoo.

032. Enjoy an all-day facial, massage, waxing, manicure, pedicure day at the spa.

033. Get hair extensions professionally put in.

034. Have all my hair braided in small braids with beads at the end.

035. Grow my hair to my lower back.

036. Do a couple’s day at the spa.

037. Use a makeup company to make my own perfume.

038. Have a make-over done.

039. Have my legs, etc “sugared” professionally.

040. Get my teeth professionally whitened.


041. Plant a garden with flowers, vegetables, and fruit.

042. Plant a tree.

043. Take a pottery class.

044. Learn to stain glass.

045. Beat a video game.

046. Write at least once letter a month (0/33).

047. Do a “Day in the Life” photographic and written piece on myself, newspaper / magazine

style for Carrot, future kids.

048. Back up all file, photos on desktop, laptop, work computer.

049. Categorize all past / present photos using Creative Memories software.

050. Post a secret to PostSecret.

051. Write and distribute Christmas newsletters to friends, family (0/3).

052. Write a letter to someone I admired but have never met.

053. Knit or crochet a scarf.

054. Write a list of 101 things that make me happy.

055. Decide on baby names for next baby (boy OR girl).

056. Finish Carrot’s Christmas stocking.

057. Go through (and dispose of unnecessary) mementos, cards, etc.


058. Start a journal for Carrot (and any other children who are conceived during 1001 days

period) dictating life events, funny stories, etc.

059. Take Carrot to Disneyworld / land.

060. Have professional / family pictures taken with Carrot & I & Shocker.

061. Teach Carrot to tie her shoes.

062. Make sure Carrot see each godparent at least once a year (0/18).

063. Fly a kite with Carrot .

064. Enroll Carrot in a sport or a dance class.

065. Visit Goldie once a year (0/3).

066. Play in the rain with Carrot and Shocker.

067. Teach Carrot to ride a bike w/o training wheels.


068. *private*

069. Complete THE BIG SHOCKER SURPRISE for Shocker.

070. Watch the sunrise with the one I love.

071. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise with the one I love.

072. Buy or make Shocker a small gift once a month (0/33).

073. Have a weekend away with Shocker.

074. Go for a walk in the moonlight.


075. Learn to play poke and post a poker party.

076. Travel to another country.

077. Collect an entire set (with all states) of US quarters and organize in cardboard organizer.

078. Rent a house in Martha’s Vineyard for a week.

079. Read 75 books (0/75).

080. Watch 200 movies (0/200).

081. Go to 10 concerts (0/10).

082. Fly in a hot air balloon.

083. Go on a cruise.

084. Get a concealed carry permit (by passing all necessary tests) and buy a firearm.

085. Buy a big dog.

086. Smoke at a hookah lounge.

087. Go on an over-night road trip with no particular destination in mind.

088. Dance on top of a bar (clothed).

089. Buy a video camera.

090. Go to the movies by myself.

091. Swim with dolphins.

092. Take a girls’ trip once a year (0/3).

093. Learn to drive stick shift.

094. Change my own oil.

095. Learn how to change a tire (to a spare).

096. Visit the following US cities: New Orleans, LA; Seattle, WA; Memphis, TN; San Diego, CA.

097. Watch 10 movies that were filmed / popular in the year I was born (1985) (0/10).

098. Surf.

099. Sit in the audience at a talk show (D Letterman, J Leno, Ellen, etc).

100. Attend a blogger meetup.


101. Donate $5 a day for every item UNCOMPLETED for each day over 1001.

I'll keep you updated (not every day). . .

but I will blog every time I complete a few to let you know!

All my love!