Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update . . . in Bullets (and Thrown Beer Cans)

a brief update. . .

  • I had an open, full beer can thrown at me (my car) at 7am on a highway in downtown Wichita by a man in a 350 Ford with American flags flying and Vietname war emblems on his rear window. . . apparently, it's NOT appropriate or polite to use a turn signal anymore. Okay, I won't.
  • Baby Carrot is going to start dance lessons (tap and ballet--just like MOMMY did!) in early October. She was so excited about school "Tap and Tumble Time" that I signed her up right away!
  • ExHubby "de-friended" me on Facebook.
  • I am going to be accepted to the School of Social Work (at my university) and into the Big Brothers Big Sisters program here shortly.
  • Shocker and I celebrated 6 months (well, our anniversary came and went-- we'll celebrate this weekend) and moved Carrot's bedroom furniture into his house. . .
  • I have a craving for skittles.
  • I have a huge deadline for work (due yesterday) and a 5-page paper for school (due tonight) . . . which should I complete???

Ahhh, I'm tired and lethargic today. . .

I need a glass of wine and a hug. Any takers?! Ah, nevermind. . . I'd better offer to Shocker first! :-)

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