Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Pink Buzzy Thing"

On Sunday, I made Carrot lay down in my bed. . .
"You don't have to take a nap," I told her, "but you DO have to REST!"

She smiled (which I fully understood meant that I was going to have my hands full all afternoon) and agreed.
I went to get ready, washed my hair, etc.
I kept checking on her, but she was going exactly what she was supposed to be doing: laying in bed, quietly. She was singing to herself, but hadn't moved even an inch.

I went back to the bathroom.

I HEARD the buzzing before I even turned around. . . and my heart sunk.

"Mommy," she started (both hands clasped around my buzzing pink vibrator), "I don't like this pink buzzy thing on my back OR on my stomach; it tickles too much."

"Carrot! Don't play with that!"

"Why? It's just for Mommies?"

OMG. . . someone needs to find a better hiding spot.

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