Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy Girl----aka, I 'had' a MAN on Sun, a WOMAN on Mon

We (the boyfriend and I) have "an agreement." Let's start with that. . .

If you have read my blog before or followed me on Twitter, you might have caught that I'm bi. I don't NECESSARILY advertise it "in real life," but I don't lie about it either. . . ie, if someone asked me (which, they HAVE), I tell 'em. . . pretty much. Ya know, I am who I am and I like what I like.

but back to our arrangement!
Shocker doesn't mind if I play around with women on the side. It's actually kinda shocking considering that he's never been with a woman that was so . . . well, sexually adventurous AND honest about it.

I straight-up said (at the beginning) something about BEING bi, but not NEEDING to be "a practicing bisexual." It's fun, it's sexy, it's pleasurable. But it's not mandatory.
But he's NEVER even hinted that he didn't like it.
In fact, he's now expressed a desire to, at some point, WATCH me with a woman.

The night before last (two nights ago) was a Shocker and I night. . .
And we had mind-blowing marathon sex (which I believe is a phrase that I straight up copied from my bestie, PGALC) . . . and it was good.
We started in the hot tub, moved inside, were on a couch, on a bed, on the floor with a blanket. He used his mouth, used his fingers, and of course use that other thing that I love SOOOOO much about him.
I used my vibrator, threw around dirty talk, and didn't even have to beg him to pull my hair.
VEEERRRRY fucking hot.

And then comes the girl on girl time. . .
VEEERRRRY interesting.

There's a woman at work (a temp) who I was SURE I had caught staring at my legs, my ass several times. She (uh. . . Queenie) made all sorts of excuses to stop by my desk. I'd give her "the smile," and she'd blush a little, but not look away. Probably a good 3 months ago, on her last day on the project in my office, I walked over to HER right before leaving for lunch. . .

ME "Hey, I heard that this was the last day for all you temps. . . I just wanted to give you my number. Really, give me a call sometime, girl."
QUEENIE [eyes wide open] "oh, oh, okay."

And then I walked away, shaking my butt just a little more than usual (which I usually did when I knew she was watching.
Glanced back. . .
And she was definitely watching. Smiling.

We started texting and I dove right in. This may have been the first time in my life I was so INTENTIONALLY aggressive in pursuing a woman--and I'd never pursued one I didn't KNOW was bi too.
Didn't take too long before she was volunteering sexual info, pictures. . .
Signed, sealed, delivered.

By the time last night (1 night ago) rolled around, we'd very intimately discussed sex, what we were looking for, what we like in bed, each other's bodies, etc.
and last night was pretty much a sure thing.

And it was also a GOOOOOOD thing.
Although she'd kissed girls, it was her first time WITH one. And she did well.
We didn't go into the oral territory yet, but we talked afterward---and that's definitely the next step!

she was a quick learner (ie, when you're WITH a woman, you usually touch her in a way that would feel good to YOU. . . but she quickly picked up on what was making me move and moan).
I didn't get to experience as many amazing orgams as I had with shocker (or, well. . . ANY, but it WAS her first time and I didn't mind "helping her out"), but it was still GREAT sex. Period.

So, I had sex almost every day for several weeks (first while Mom was out of town, and we were house-sitting and second while Stepmom was out of town, and we were AGAIN house-sitting). . .
and now I'm MISSING IT.

Like, so much that I wore a dress yesterday so I could touch myself WHENEVER I wanted to. . . and so Shocker could grab my ass in the elevator at work.
I LOOOVVVE having a job where I get to work with my boyfriend!

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