Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Next Thing: Wedding Dress

Ha!! I bet you thought that was FOR ME, didn't you?!?!?!

Not yet, friendly reader. Not yet.
THIS TIME I'm doing my best to not rush. . . which means we:
  • decided NOT to move in with each other right away-- I'll have my own apt for a while
  • have a very stable form of birthday control-- NOT 'anal' or 'pulling out and spraying wildly hoping it does / doesn't land on Billy Graham's face'
  • spend several nights a week together and usually at least one or two of those is overnight-- but we ceratainly have our own activities too (mine are Facebook, snooping, and reading smut all while drinking wine and his activities mostly consist of video games and working out. . . but HEY, they're OUR. OWN. ACTIVITIES! lol)
  • are spending some more time with each other's families, which has been very informative and a lot of fun actually
It's been good, but NO WEDDING DRESS YET. . . for ME.

But MY DARLING CARROT is another story. She started preschool. . . and that's actually way far away from wedding dress shopping. . . not the point.
This is all SOOOO weird. It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant and trying to figure out how best to walk so I wouldn't topple over. I very vividly remember learning to breast feed her--which I thought would be a walk in the park, but. . . with HER. . . definitely wasn't. I remember the first date I went on after (which was the first time I left her). . . and I cried through the whole thing. The first time I paddled her butt with my hand. . . the time I caught her standing in the dishwasher. . . when we got Precious, the kitty, & how she used to squeeze the daylights out of her. . . when we got Shadow, the puppy, & how she followed him around constantly. . . moving to CA. . . moving back to KS. . . how, in the first month after we were home, she'd cry for Daddy--until she saw that it made ME cry too. . .
I remember. . .
when she had BLACK hair. . . when she colored on my mom's couch with Sharpie. . . when we first slept over (and she first saw her OWN BED) at Shocker's. . .

Man, I'm A LUCKY Momma.
Gotta share my FAVORITE pictures from her first 3 days at school:

She absolutely WOULD NOT let go of my leg. . . which is SOOOO unlike her!!

This was her "first actual full day of preschool outfit" . . . SOOOO SWEET!!

And finally, Carrot and her Momma. . . I LUUUUHHRRVVE this picture of us together! We both look just slightly 'out of it,' but ya can't change THAT! :-)

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